reneuron_stem_cells_pic_133x10810381_229x255ReNeuron is a world leading stem cell therapy business that remains at the frontier of stem cell development. It was founded by Sir Chris in 1997 from the Institute of Psychiatry in London. It recently achieved ground breaking progress by being the first company in the world ever to receive approval to begin clinical trials using stem cells to treat stroke. The first injections into human brains took place in early December 2010.

Stem cell-based technologies, tools and targets are at the cutting edge of medical science and will hugely advance the field of modern medicine.

3_reneuron_lab_testing_175x174Stem cells have immense medical potential and could replace cells destroyed by disease.  They could also be used one day to repair damaged tissue and organs, such as repaired tissue for Alzheimer’s sufferers, stroke or to generate healthy heart muscle in patients with chronic heart disease or pancreatic tissue in those with diabetes. Ultimately stem cell-based therapies could one day be used to regenerate entire organs that are damaged or diseased.

10357_168x173In 1997, with $7.5m investment capital from Merlin, Sir Chris founded ReNeuron. Since then, the company has listed on the AIM stock exchange and raised over $50m in capital. ReNeuron has remained at the cutting edge of stem cell therapies and achieved a world first in February 2010, when it secured full regulatory approval to become the first company in the world to trial stem cell-based therapies in patients for the treatment of stroke. The company is also developing treatments for ischaemic vascular damage, diabetes and retinal blindness from its same, unique cell lines.